Our Dogs

If you are hunting at Stonycreek Shooting Center, Inc. and using our dogs, you will be hunting with the Deutsch-Kurzhaar breed
(commonly know as German Shorthaired Pointers). Below is information on our dogs.

Bess Tuckahoe Kennel (call name: Bess)

Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband registration # 0158/11 & NAVHDA registration # GS-013046

Whelped: December 01, 2010

Pedigrees:         DK         NAVHDA

OFA: GSP-15728E26F-VP (Excellent)

NAVHDA NA Test: November 11, 2011 Prize III 102 points

Both of Bess's parents were imported to the United States from Germany. The breeder, Pat Bottino of Tuckahoe Kennel, owned both parents. Bess came to us as an eight week old puppy. She was the first dog I handled in a hunt test, and I didn't do her justice. She should have received a Prize I in Natural Ability had it not been for my shortcomings. Bess is a very energetic and intelligent dog. She has a very high prey drive and strong desire to please. She is an excellent swimmer and very much at home in the water. She hunts well with other brace mates and naturally backs other dogs. She possesses good tracking skills and retrieves well. Bess is one of the friendliest dogs I have been around.

RJ's Magnum Kingpenny Thunderstorm (call name: Storm)

AKC registration # SR56918303 & NAVHDA registration # GS-017938

Whelped: May 29, 2009

Pedigrees:         AKC         NAVHDA

AKC Junior Hunt Title: April 3, 2011
AKC Senior Hunt Title

We have owned Storm since November 2015. His heavy frame allows him to bust the brush while finding birds for you, nothing slows him down. He is a hard driving dog in the field, but he loves to curl up beside you on the couch. Great nose and prey drive, very good swimmer, excellent retrieves, and he backs his bracemates.

Puppies whelped October 22, 2016

Litter from Bess and Storm. Click photo for details on the individual pups.